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Tuesday, February 05, 2013

What Media & Cops Won't Tell You On The So Called Big Gambling Bust In Markham

Police bust of Super Bowl ‘gambling’ party is theatre of the absurd

 Boy, it’s a good thing our police were on the ball and shut down that terrible Super Bowl ‘gambling’ party in Markham last night
Here’s something the police won’t tell you, but I will: It was nothing more than ham-handed, Keystone Cops theatrics, to create the illusion that sports betting is a terrible crime that must be stamped out.
Know why? To set the stage for the casino pimps at the Ontario Lottery Corp. to tell us that it must legitimize online gambling by becoming the bookie, instead of the local guys running the gaming websites.
Police held a news conference Monday morning to announce details of the bust – six people arrested and $2.5 million in cash – yeah, cash! – seized, while search warrants were executed at a total of nine locations.
The cops said about 2,300 people were inside the Markham banquet hall when about 200 to 400 officers, including some wearing tactical takedown gear, arrived during the second quarter of the game.
But only six – yeah, six! – were taken into custody.
I know lots of people who were there (The Fixer gets around), one of whom told me that police used a bullhorn to announce that they were shutting down the party and everyone would have to leave.
They requested an orderly dispersal of the crowd through an exit where officers with photos of the six guys they were looking for scanned the faces of the people leaving, and filmed them.
Every one of the 2,300, with the exception of the six wanted for running the sports betting sites, weren’t charged with anything and free to leave, without even having to identify themselves.
If they were all contributing to organized crime, as the police claimed at their new conference, why the free ride?
And why were 200 officers needed? Couldn’t they have busted these guys before or after the party, at some other location?
As for the $2.5 million seized, if you didn’t listen closely, you’d think they grabbed it at the party.
Not one penny of that dough came from the party. It was all seized at the other locations were search warrants were executed. Anyone at the party who wanted to make a bet were using their phones to wager on their online accounts.
Most of them were eating when the police swooped down.
No, this was a bogus bust orchestrated for TV news, to sell chumps on the idea that a heinous criminal enterprise was being shut down.
We will soon hear that the best and only way to truly eradicate illegal gambling is for the province to become the online bookie, through the OLG.
More to come. Lots more. My contempt for the government gambling pimps know no bounds.
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