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Friday, March 01, 2013

A Canadian Has Died At A Cuban Resort

A Canadian has died at the resort town of Varadero, Cuba, according to a Toronto radio report.
680 News reports that the death of the unidentified Canadian has been confirmed by the Foreign Affairs department, but there was no word on the identity or cause of death.
The station reports it learned of the death from vice-president of engineering at Rogers Radio Kirk Nesbitt, who said he was on the beach Wednesday when a man in the water "started waving his arms and we could hear him yelling."
"The lifeguards did realize he was in trouble," Nesbitt told 680 News. "Three of them went running into the water to go after him and the waves were quite high."
Varadero is one of the Caribbean's largest resort areas and is located about 140 km east of Havana.
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