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Saturday, March 02, 2013

Crossing The Threshold


Time is once again behaving strangely. Little slippages here and there, abrupt realizations that it’s not the time or date you thought it was. Are you noticing? Weird sort of head spinning feelings when trying to track your thoughts, ringing in the ears? It’s freaky. A lot of influences at work right now. Some good, some bad.
Personally, I think we may have hit the edge of the wormhole.
Exotic thought, no? But that’s what appears to be happening in many ways. The awakening was easier to see from afar just a year ago. Now the picture is getting muddled and appears like a hodgepodge of swirling influences and resultant reactions. Things mix together like paints on a happy child’s finger painting palette.
It’s apparently because we have entered some kind of vortex perhaps, where time and space subduct like esoteric tectonic plates.
Going through a wormhole can’t be an easy experience, unless of course you’ve been distilled to spirit.
Which we all will be.
finger painting 005

Behold the Plan

As if. Who knows the plan? But we can track and watch and learn and experience. And knowing it’s all just a ride will save your spiritual hiney and keep your engine cooled during all this insanity.
I’m so enraptured with the awakening that’s happening.
It’s clear, yet it’s hard to put your finger on it in many ways with the crap we’re being told.  What we’re being shown by the big media projector is the exact opposite of what’s really going on.  Thankfully dot connecting makes things very plain, and when you learn to speak that language, damn, it’s clear.


Your Personal Choice

So, you’ve walked up to the wormhole of Truth and Transformation. What do you do? Run in fear and hide from what could be a path to a greater reality and cling to the old world addictions to whateverthehell that keeps you entrapped and ensnared?
Or venture on.
It was an easy choice for me, thankfully. Adventure towards freedom vs slavery? Are you kidding?
Resist by being.
Much love, Zen Gardner
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