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Friday, March 29, 2013

Dissent in the Harper Regime over abortion suggests internal problems growing.

Harper’s backbench acts out

(Straight Goods News) – Stephen Harper's right flank is revolting, 
with Conservative caucus members openly challenging the PM over 
right-wing hot button issues like abortion.
Mark Warawa (Langley), who  has been trying to bring up the topic 
of sex-selective abortion for quite a while now moved a motion in 
the House on this, and,when it was deemed not suited to vote upon, 
he appealed. Today, the Standing Committee on Procedure and 
House Affairs, which is controlled by Harper, decided to reject 
Warawa’s appeal on the votability of Motion 408, and he let his 
feelings be known.
“I have three options. I can accept the decision of PROC, appeal to 
the House, or introduce another motion or bill,” stated Warawa. “I 
want to make sure that I take time to consider what is best for the 
issue of discrimination against women and girls. I need time to 
consider how best to move this issue forward,” said Warawa. He 
plans on making a decision when the house sits again on April 15, 
and must make his decision before times runs out on April 19.
Conservative MP Mark Warawa is frustrated at being muzzled.
NDP house leader Nathan Cullen said Warawa's outburst is 
indicates Harper has bigger caucus troubles. “There’s a lot going on 
in Parliament and very little of it to the Prime Minister’s pleasure, 
which is nice for a change. Certainly Mr. Warawa and his 
frustrations with Mr. Harper’s control over his every utterance and 
word in the House of Commons is not unique to him.”
Nathan Cullen says a Conservative caucus revolt is brewing.

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Samantha Bayard is a young journalist 

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been a contributor to the Straight Goods 

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