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Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Family of man killed in Hull Quebec jail awarded more than $200,000

OTTAWA -- Girald Papatie told his family he believed his life was in danger while he was imprisoned in the Hull jail.
Monday -- seven years after he was murdered in his jail cell -- the family of the Algonquin man was awarded $243,000.
A judge determined staff at the jail had been negligent, and this negligence was a direct link to the death of Papatie, 54, of the Rapid Lake Indian reservation north of Maniwaki.
Papatie, a father of 11 children, had been in prison for several weeks after being arrested on drunk driving charges. Papatie phoned his sister from the jail the day before he was found dead, telling her if he didn't call again before 8 a.m. the next day, he was probably dead.
His body was placed in a noose made of his bedsheets and the morning of his death, prison officials called the family to say he had committed suicide.
The coroner's investigation found Papatie had been strangled to death with his bootlaces.
His older brother Jules Papatie was one of 18 people awarded money by the province Monday.
Jules recalls his brother's fear in the days leading up to his death.
"For the last month, he was calling his sister about his life being threatened by people," Jules said. "He kept calling, crying for help. I guess nobody took it serious, other than his sister who tried to help him."
Papatie's 45-year-old cellmate was acquitted of second-degree muder in 2008
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