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Thursday, March 07, 2013

Female teacher forced sex on me as child in after school detentions , young man says

A Toronto teenager insists his female Grade 5 music teacher sexually abused him during after-school detentions.

A Toronto teenager maintains, despite inconsistencies in his accounts, that he was sexually assaulted by a female Catholic elementary school music teacher when he was 9.
Sylvia Zoleta told him they could be special friends and do “special things,” and they had sexual encounters during eight detentions, when he was kept in her classroom after school for being disruptive, he has testified.
Zoleta, 54, has pleaded not guilty to sexual assault, sexual interference and invitation to sexual touching in February and March 2005 at the Etobicoke school. She is now suspended with pay from the Toronto Catholic board.
The 18-year-old student, who cannot be identified, said she touched his genitals, penetrated him with her finger and a ruler and got him to fondle her breasts, attempt intercourse and that they mutually performed oral sex.
But defence lawyer William Markle suggested Wednesday the teen never mentioned fondling her, being penetrated by a ruler or that she performed oral sex in his statement to police in 2011.
The tall 18-year-old, who testified behind a screen blocking his view of Zoleta, admitted leaving out some details in earlier statements.
One of the teen’s high school teachers, who cannot be named, testified the student disclosed the alleged elementary school sex when he privately presented a research project on child abuse in January 2011.
“He was visibly upset,” she told prosecutor Jennifer Strasberg. “His voice was extremely shaky.”
The next day, when police were called to the school to take his statement, he was crying, shaking and vomited, a school vice-principal testified.
An 18-year-old friend of the teen testified he confided in March 2010 that he had been sexually victimized by teacher in Grade 4 or 5. When pressed for details, he would shut down, she said. “He would become teary-eyed and change the subject.”
The trial continues Thursday.
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