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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Hey Westboro Baptist Church Don't Forget To Love Thy Neighbour

 Westboro Baptist Church’s neighbour paints house in gay pride rainbow

The Westboro Baptist Church – most famous for picketing 
funerals and its “God Hates Fags” website – is being 
targeted on its own turf.
The house across the street from its Topeka, Kansas, 
headquarters has been bought by an activist and painted in 
the rainbow scheme associated with 
gay pride.
Equality House, as it’s now known, is 
owned by Aaron 
Jackson, co-founder Planting Peace
a non-profit 
organization whose other projects 
include deworming efforts 
in poverty-stricken countries, establishing orphanages in 
Haiti and India and supporting rainforest preservation.
“For too long, the Westboro Baptist Church has been 
targeting the LGBTQ community with messages of hate and 
discrimination,” the organization said on its website.

Jackson, 31, bought the two-bedroom home for $81,000 
without seeing it and moved in in January with a friend, 
according to Gawker.
He told various media outlets he was inspired by the story of 
Josef Miles, 9, who made headlines last year for his "God 
hates no one" counter-protest of a Westboro picket.
Hundreds of thousands have signed petitions asking the 
U.S. government to consider Westboro Baptist a hate 
organization and end its tax-exempt status.
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