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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

If you're going to rack up a $35 tab at Denny's, make sure you have more than $8 on you, and most certainly don't threaten other customers for refusing to pay for you

A couple with $8 between them yelled at, threatened, and then resorted to asking other customers at a Denny's restaurant in Lake Worth to help pay their $34.08 tab, deputies said.
Lisa Marie Antonucci, 41, and Leonard Patrick Baker, 43, of no fixed address, sat down in the Hypoluxo Road eatery Monday night and ordered meals "which they both were served and did devour," a Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office arrest report stated.
When the bill came, they couldn't pay it. Baker only had $8 in cash and Antonucci had no money or credit cards.
Confronted by the restaurant manager, Antonucci grew "loud and boisterous" and threatened diner staff and other patrons before asking them to chip in, deputies said.
Deputies arrived to find the couple leaving the parking lot. They found two sets of Denny's utensils in Baker's right front pocket.

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