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Monday, March 18, 2013

Leaked Document Proves That Children's Aid Societies In Ontario Only Cares About The Money

Ministry in damage control mode after leaked document involving a CAS proves what some have been saying for years.

Ontario officials are in talks with Peel Children's Aid Society after a leaked memo told staff not to close files in order to inflate the number of child protection cases. The internal memo indicated a certain number of cases had to be ongoing in order to guarantee a particular leval of funding from the province of Ontario.

Like always and like any other Children's Aid Society (CAS)
Peel CAS denies any wrong doing
Children & Youth Minister Teresa Piruzza who's Government falls very short on holding CAS accountable and does not provide independant oversight  of the CAS tries and have us believe the following statement released by her handlers:
I want to be clear that children's aid societies have a responsibility to provide the best possible services for children in their care and that anything that falls short of this is simply unacceptable.
she continues as if any one with a clue is actually believes what she is selling

"If an organization loses sight of the important role they play in their community this is a serious concern. Discussions between my ministry and the Peel Children's Aid Society are ongoing".
With the release of statement talking about discussions with repercussions this CAS went into quick damage control mode with saying "We have done nothing wrong and the internal memo was taken out of context."

This is nothing new and all of the agencies mandated have been doing this for years, it's not rocket science, it's really simple: the more open files on families and the more apprehentions of children, the more money a mandated agency will get.

These are desperate people who will do anything for money, this is terrible and reflect poorly on both Government and ALL agencies who are mandated as a children's aid society.

The internal memo, signed by 7 senior service managers, instructs staff to complete as many investigations as possible (no fewer then 1,000), transfer as many cases to "ongoing services", and do not close any cases at least before the end of the fiscal year, March 31. The memo indicated that these strategies we're necessary to reduce deficits and secure more in provinical funding.

"Our volumes are lower then what we have projected and this will mean less funding"

So there you have it the most senior in CAS telling it like it is.
The more open files and kids in their care the more money they have, and don't be fooled that this is just one mandated CAS agency, but how they operate across Ontario.

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