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Saturday, March 30, 2013

Port Orchard man charged for allegedly forcing father to church because in his mind his Father was Satan

By Kitsap Sun staff

 A 25-year-old Port Orchard man was charged with third-degree assault and harassment after allegedly pulling his father down Mitchell Avenue in Port Orchard to attend church because he thought his father was Satan.
A Port Orchard police officer responded to a 911 call Tuesday morning about the 25-year-old walking alongside an older man and yelling obscenities.
When law enforcement arrived, the 25-year-old was heard screaming, “I am God,” according to charging documents filed Wednesday in Kitsap County District Court.
The 25-year-old then started biting the man on the shoulder. The officer’s verbal commands and Taser shocks were unsuccessful in subduing the son.
It wasn’t until additional law enforcement arrived before they could restrain him.
The 25-year-old was taken for medical treatment. He told nurses that he took synthetic marijuana, known as spice, and ecstasy. He also said he was having “the worst religious experience” of his life.
The 63-year-old man told officers his son has been upset with him for the past three months because their home was burglarized and the son blamed him. The father also said his son had hit him on the head.
Then the son dragged him outside, according to police, saying, “I’m taking you to church because you are Satan.”
The suspect is held on $100,000 bail in the Kitsap County jail. His next court date is April 11.
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