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Saturday, March 23, 2013

Princess Margaret Cancer Centre Exaggerates On Home Values For It's Lottery Or Is Canada's Housing Bubble Getting Ready To Bust?

That's right, according to a recent article published here  by Metro News If you’re looking to buy a luxury house in Oakville, you might want to check out the prize homes awarded by the Princess Margaret Cancer Centre Home Lottery, when they go on the market, they’re virtually guaranteed to be a steal.
Last year’s grand prize, valued at $4.3 million when it was awarded in May, is now on the market for only $2.9 million.
Wow! That's a big decrease in value. So it's one or the other.
The people in the Lottery exaggerates the value to increase lottery sales or what I've been saying all along: all over Canada the price to buy a home is so inflated it not even funny and not really worth half of the the majority of prices you see advertised and one could only hope for a housing crash that will snap people back to reality in a country that should be ashamed that it has a big homeless population and families that are under housed  or living in bad housing conditions and a place where every person especially those born in Canada has a God given right to home ownership with of course Aboriginal People given first priority.

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