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Friday, March 22, 2013

Researchers call for moratorium on privatizing liquor sales

Private liquor stores hike alcohol use.

from the Saskatchewan Government and General 
Employees' Union
SGEU is calling on the Saskatchewan government 
to place a  moratorium on private liquor stores 
following a study recently released by the Centre for Addictions 
and Mental Health.
"Strategies to reduce alcohol-related harm and costs in Canada: A 
comparison of provincial policies" states that governments do not 
pay enough attention to addressing the damaging effects of alcohol 
on families and communities. The report concludes that alcohol is a 
leading risk factor for ill-health, injury and disability in North 
“It is troubling that Saskatchewan is heading in the wrong direction by privatizing liquor sales,” said SGEU president Bob Bymoen.
"Research consistently shows that private 

liquor sales result in greater alcohol-related 

social harm. Public liquor retailers can make 

social responsibility a priority. But private 

businesses need to maximize profits, and so 

are more likely to sell alcohol to those who shouldn't have it, such 

as minors or intoxicated customers."
The Saskatchewan government has indicated that all new liquor 
stores in the province will be private. Three new private stores have 
recently been announced.
"The safety and wellbeing of Saskatchewan families, not the 
financial interests of private business owners, should be front and 
centre when government makes decisions about alcohol sales," said 
The Centre for Addictions and Mental Health is Canada's largest 
addictions and mental health teaching hospital

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