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Monday, March 11, 2013

Should a Rape Conviction be a Requirement for “Colonel” in the Air Force?

The Wilkerson Case

Lt. Col. James Wilkerson, then the 20th Fighter Wing chief of a safety at Shaw AFB, is interviewed in 2008.

By Gordon Duff and Press TV

An Air Force Lt. Colonel, correction, 
former Lt. Colonel, now convicted sex 
criminal, has had his convicted set aside 
without process and now expects to be 

This bizarre abuse of process is commented on 
by Gordon Duff for Press TV:

 Stars and Stripes describes the November conviction of former Lt. 
Colonel Wilkerson, now demanding a “retirement promotion to full 
colonel” as follows:
“Lt. Col. James Wilkerson, a 31st Fighter Wing pilot and former base inspector general, was found guilty Friday of aggravated sexual assault, abusive sexual contact and three counts of conduct unbecoming an officer and gentleman.
According to the charges against him                                                                                                     Wilkerson slipped into the bed of a sleeping house guest, fondled her breasts and digitally penetrated her.
Wilkerson showed no emotion as the verdict was read, nor did his wife, Beth, who had provided key testimony for the defense.”
Yesterday, the following case, one of several, was reported on by Stars and Stripes.  It doesn’t take a genius to read between the lines, time to close the Air Force Academy:
 ”An Air Force Academy cadet was sentenced on Friday to eight months in jail and dismissal from the Air Force after a panel of officers returned a mixed verdict in his sexual misconduct case.
Anthony Daniels Jr., a junior at the academy, was found guilty of attempted sodomy after an Air Force Academy Preparatory School student said he tried to force her to have oral sex while the two met to do homework in 2009.
But the Air Force officers hearing the case cleared Daniels of a forcible sodomy charge and of a aggravated sexual contact charge regarding another incident two years later.
Instead, the panel found him guilty of wrongful sexual contact — a lesser charge. Prosecutors alleged that Daniels fondled a female cadet while forcing her to perform oral sex.
Daniels’ case was among six sexual misconduct and assault cases to result in charges at the academy since January 2012. One other case led to a conviction, while two others were dismissed following evidence hearings.”
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