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Tuesday, March 05, 2013

UK police search for semen-smearing attacker

UK police search for semen-smearing attacker

Police in Manchester, England, are dealing with two more cases of schoolgirls finding semen smeared on their clothing - bringing the total number of cases since November to six.On each occasion, a teenage girl was approached by a man and later discovered a sticky white substance on her skirt or tights, police said in a news release.
The attacks are believed to be linked.

"These are unusual crimes and, quite frankly, disgusting, due to the actions of the offender," Det. Chief Insp. Sara Wallwork said.
Police were able to obtain a full DNA sample but say the profile doesn't match any currently in the national database.
They do, however, believe the man wears distinctive jackets and have released closed-circuit television footage and an artist's rendering of two in particular they're hoping will be recognized by a family member or friend.
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