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Tuesday, April 09, 2013

$40M Lotto Max Winner From Toronto Is Going To The Mandarin & Then Off To Hawaii

TORONTO - The winner of a $40-million Lotto Max jackpot 
said the first thing she has planned is a trip to a buffet with 
her loved ones.
“I’m going to go for dinner with my whole family,” Maria 
Carreiro said Monday. “Mandarin, all you can eat!”
The 51-year-old mother of three and grandmother of five 
gleefully danced on stage at the Ontario Lottery and Gaming 
Prize Centre, multimillion dollar cheque in hand.
“Thank you lord, thank you lord, I love you!” she said, 
After checking the winning ticket on Saturday, Carreiro 
mistakenly thought she had won $40,000. Later, she realized 
it was a few more zeroes than she expected.
Daughter Manuela Carreiro, 26, called the unexpected good 
fortune a “blessing” for a family that has struggled for years.
“Every person has told us it hasn’t gone to a better-
deserving family and it’s still hasn’t sunk in,” she said before 
crying and hugging her mother.
Maria delightfully recalled her husband Mario’s reaction to 
her good news.
He resigned from his construction job over the phone, she 
“I was doing this for him mostly, so he can quit,” Maria said.
Originally from Portugal, the former factory worker plans on 
buying a new home, a new wardrobe and a dream 
honeymoon to Hawaii with her husband of 30 years, before 
safely tucking away her winnings.
“I‘m going to invest,” she said. “Yes, I’m going to put some 
college funds away for all my five grandkids.”
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