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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

80 Year old army veteran arrested for defending home from burglar

Someone recently posted 

an older article by Fox 

News about a burglary 

and arrest. One has to 

wonder how the article from March 2012 about the 

arrested homeowner would have been reported if our 

Constitutionally-protected Free Press was in place. 

While Homer Wright was simply defending himself, his 

wife and his home against burglary, this Army Veteran 

was arrested. Why? Because Chicago doesn't allow 

guns...So, what's Mr. Wright supposed to do, let the 

burglar pilfer through his stuff while waiting for the 

cops? And, before you read the article and tell me, "well, 

it says the burglar was only after alcohol," does it really 

matter what he was after? 

Don't we have a constitutional right to protect 

ourselves? More law officers are telling us they may not 

be able to respond quickly because of budget cuts or 

other issues. Does it really matter how quickly they 

respond? Why can't we take the responsibility for our 

own protection? By the way, the burglar had been 

"arrested at least 13 times since 2009." Yet, whose photo 

accompanies the article and what was reported FIRST in 

this misguided article? Mr. Wright's and that he "was 

arrested because he had two previous weapons 

convictions..." Mr. Wright was treated like a criminal, not 

only by the police, but by the mainstream press, as well. 

"Our mainstream media has lost more credibility over the 

years, but many simply don't know where to turn. That's 

why Peddling Influence is so important. It explains the 

media agenda, why we don't get the truth" says film 

maker William Lewis. 

IF the FREE PRESS handled this, the story and Mr. 

Wright's response to REAL reporters might read 

something like this: 

Burglar Down As 80 yr old Homeowner Defends Home 

Homer Wright, an 80-year old Army veteran, successfully 

defended his home in the wee hours of the morning 

from a would-be burglar. Anthony Robinson was shot 

once in the leg by Wright after Wright found him inside 

his home at 4 am, attempting to steal his belongings. 

According to Wright, "My wife woke me up after hearing 

something downstairs. I caught the burglar in that act 

and defended my property." 

Mr. Wright's neighbors call him a hero. 

According to court records, Robinson had at least 13 

previous arrests since 2009, alone. Police arrested 

Wright, however, citing him with illegally defending his 

home and property. 

"It's just plain wrong that people cannot defend against 

law-breakers in this city. Just wrong. I have a right 

protect my family and home. It's right there in the 

Constitution," said a defiant Wright. 

To demand the immediate release of Wright and that all 

charges be dropped concerning this flagrant abuse of 

Mr. Wright's liberties, please call 555-555-5555. 

There is truly no sense in demonizing Mr. Wright. Mr. 

Wright should have been hailed as a hero. This is just 

one of many examples abusive treatment of a victim by 

both the media and law enforcement. We have to ask 

ourselves why? Maybe the media doesn't want to step 

on the toes of the local government in Chicago, but isn't 

that really their job? If something is wrong, it is wrong, 

yet more often than not, the media takes its cues from 

government. Because of that, we don't have a free press, 

we have another "branch" of government...a "state-run" 


Until we have a truly free press, people like Mr. Wright 

will be treated with disrespect rather than as heroes, and 

criminals will continue to do what they do. AND, if more 

burglars were shot in the leg for breaking and entering, 

maybe they would stop breaking the law. After all, Mr. 

Wright didn't take Robinson life, he just stopped 

Robinson from taking his stuff. There are two things to 

be taken away from this Free Press "experiment." One, 

there should be NO hint of someone like Mr. Wright as a 

"bad guy" for exercising his right to defend himself and 

his property. Two, if the mainstream press won't do their 

job, maybe it's time for us to take the job and run with 


Gary Franchi
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