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Saturday, April 06, 2013

Armed citizens in Mexico arrest local officials and take over

On March 28, 1,500 armed citizens took to the streets, set up roadblocks, and arrested local officials. Read more here and here(urls are


This is a very interesting event for us to learn from in at least three respects, in my opinion:

1. This sheds some light on what it looks like when ordinary people take up arms. According to the first linked article "These uprising are taking place all over Guerrero, as well as in other parts of Mexico..." It doesn't look like a bunch of Adam Lanzas murdering little children. Rather, it looks like people using arms to stop the murderers from getting away with it.

2. This sheds some light on why local assemblies are a better place for power to reside than a central government. Who is going to better make things better for people in Mexico, local armed citizens in voluntary federation with people like them from other areas, or the Mexican central government.

3. This sheds light on how power in the hands of local assemblies and not a central government does not mean "no government." In fact, when it comes to doing what people want the government to do--protect people from criminals like the drug cartel gangsters--local assemblies in voluntary federation mean much more powerful and effective government.

These three points are key parts of Thinking about Revolution.

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