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Monday, April 29, 2013

Boston Marathon 2013: Terror in the Streets, Can You Survive This New Online Game

More than a week after the Boston Marathon bombings killed three people and injured hundreds more, a video game portraying the tragedy has been released.
Boston Marathon 2013: Terror in the Streets features runners jumping over pressure cooker bombs. When the runner hits one, body parts fly. The object is to survive.
The profanity-laden trailer for the game tells viewers, "Hey [slur], tired of watching the Boston Marathon disaster on TV? Well, now you can live it. It's a video game.
The game depicts real images seen at the Boston Marathon - even showing two men wearing backpacks walking by. 
In one image, an injured man can be seen in a wheelchair with part of his leg missing. The caption under it reads, "You got [expletive] up! Better luck next year!"
Spectators can be seen with missing limbs and blood is everywhere.
The fact that the bombings inspired a video game has many outraged.
"I mean, we have violent video games. I just don't think something that personal to us should be broadcasted for the whole world to play," said Jill Iaun.
Some said turning what happened into a video game is making light of a dark event in American history.
"That should be taken seriously. I think it was a horrible tragedy, what happened. I don't think people should exploit that for anything else other than that it was, an American tragedy," said Ralph Batista.
The free game was released for download on If you go to this website, be warned, there are graphic images and explicit language.
CBS Atlanta 46
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