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Saturday, April 06, 2013

God threatens to kill President Obama and the entire Lee County Sheriff's Department

This Florida man charged with threatening to kill Obama
A Florida man was in custody Friday on charges of threatening to kill President Barack Obama and the entire local sheriff's department, authorities said.
The man, Stanley Scott Viner, 48, of Lehigh Acres, was held on $200,000 bond in the Lee County jail after his arrest Thursday, court records showed.
Viner is accused of having sent a long, expletive-filled email message to sheriff's deputies threatening to kill Obama. The writer referred to himself as God and said he also intended to kill a Lee County deputy "and his family then the entire Lee County Sheriff's Department," according to the arrest report.
NBC station WBBH of Fort Myers quoted detectives as saying Viner was angry at a deputy who lives near his home. He claimed that the deputy arrested him and that the sheriff's office took his backpack — neither of which actually happened, according to the sheriff's office.
Viner was charged with intimidation by sending a threat to kill or injure and with threatening a public servant. The sheriff's office said the Secret Service was immediately notified of the threat.

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