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Monday, April 22, 2013

Good read: Anomalies in the FBI's Account of the Boston Marathon Bombings / Martial Law: FAIL

Photo: We
      Know The Secrets of The Federal Reserve[photo added by me; [good recap, John... there is so very much that seems fishy... more than mildly

see also this video:  the parents speak
good comment:  "This is 2013. Cameras everywhere. Cellphones everywhere. Snitches everywhere and there is NO video proof anywhere of these two dudes doing any of the stuff they accused of. Yeahright. I could go piss in a dark alley right now and with no cameras around 15 different angles would be uploaded to youtube before the day is out."

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1)  Anomalies in the FBI's Account of the Boston Marathon Bombings

also worth considering; thanks,  Rich A

Martial Law FAIL

Stewart Rhodes and Benjamin Franklin Proven Right
OK News, April 20, 2013

"Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety."
-- Benjamin Franklin

Stewart Rhodes was prophetic yesterday morning when he wrote: "It strikes us as perverse and absurd that the people are being told to stay indoors and let the 'professional protectors' handle it. That is exactly backwards from what a free people in a Republic are supposed to do."

By nightfall it was clear that Rhodes had been right: the state's imposition of martial law and its unconstitutional home searches in Watertown hadn't merely failed to locate the suspect but had actually delayed the suspect's capture, which only occurred after the lockdown order had been lifted and residents were "allowed" to exit their houses.

Mere minutes after the lockdown order was lifted, the suspect was spotted by a liberated resident on (get this) Franklin Street!

So Stewart Rhodes absolutely nailed it yesterday when he declared the absurdity and perversion of ordering the people of Watertown to "stay in their pens while the 'authorized professionals' locate the suspect."

Perhaps even more absurd and perverse was what happened afterward: The victims of the lockdown spent the night celebating and thanking those who had followed unlawful orders and prolonged their nightmare needlessly.

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