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Thursday, April 11, 2013

New UNICEF Report Card compares child well-being in Canada with other nations

Poverty: The one line we want our kids to cross. UNICEF's comparison of child poverty across industrialized countries shows that government action is a key driver to reduce child poverty. In countries that accept higher levels of child poverty, this is not just a function of chance or necessity, but of policy and priority. Learn more at

UNICEF’s Report Card 11, Child Well-Being in Rich Countries: A comparative overview, compares the level of child well-being across the world’s twenty-nine richest nations. Some countries are achieving much more for children than others.
  • How are Canada’s children doing?
  • How does this stack up against other industrialized countries?
  • What has improved over time in the well-being of Canada’s children and what has worsened?
  • How can we make progress for children?
Report Card 11 should contribute to debate in Canada about how children are doing in areas like: material well-being, health, education, risks and behaviours, and housing and environment. Child well-being is the result of choices by individuals, organizations and governments. All of the outcomes in UNICEF’s Report Card are influenced by policy choices.
  • Is the teen birth rate increasing or decreasing?
  • Are more teens smoking today than ten years ago?
  • In what aspect of children’s well-being did Canada rank dead last?
See how Canada compares on these and other childhood conditions at


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