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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Old Lady Manages To Rob Bank In Michigan Using 2 Cans Of Spaghetti

Woman on the run after robbing bank using only two cans of spaghetti sauce she claimed was a bomb
Police say two cans of spagheti sauce in a bag were the weapons a woman used to hold up a bank in southeast Michigan.
The robbery happened about 11:30 a.m. Saturday at a Fifth Third Bank branch in Macomb County’s Clinton Township, about 15 miles north-northeast of Detroit.
Police say a woman about 60 years old told bank employees she had a bomb in her cloth bag and demanded money.
The suspect was roughly 200 pounds, Clinton Township Police Sgt. Deena Terzo told the Detroit News.
'It was a closed bag, so you couldn't see into it, and no one wanted to open it,' he said.

They say she took an undisclosed amount of money and escaped in a car with a man at the wheel.
Fifth Third Bank workers were evacuated as the bomb squad investigated the spaghetti sauce

She remains at large.

After they fled, the Michigan State Police Bomb Squad evacuated the building.

While performing an X-Ray on the bag, they discovered two cans of spaghetti sauce.

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