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Friday, April 19, 2013

We did it. Re: Rehtaeh But Let's Get More Done!

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Trigger warning: this email contains information about sexual assault that may be triggering to survivors.
Danny -

We did it. Thank you to all 424,770 people who helped win this important measure of justice for Rehtaeh by signing my petition and demanding to know why the rape of a 15 year old girl wasn't taken seriously by authorities.
Nothing will ever erase the fact that Rehtaeh was raped when she was 15, photographed, bullied, shamed and left to feel abandoned by the authorities she thought would protect her. Nothing can ever bring her back, but together, by holding authorities accountable, we are changing the culture and system that failed her.
As a friend of Rehtaeh's mother, I was shaking with anger when I heard the Nova Scotia Minister of Justice say that he would not review police actions in Rehtaeh's rape case -- no one had been charged even though hundreds had seen photos of the rape.
I'm relieved to tell you that yesterday I received a call from the Premier of Nova Scotia's office confirming that there will be an independent inquiry into the actions of police and the public prosecution in Rehtaeh's case. This is because of the pressure 424,770 signers helped create.
Something is going to change because of this -- for Rehtaeh, for her family and friends who will live with this tragedy forever, and for the countless girls and women around the world who are victims of both sexual assault and a culture that tells them that it's their fault.
Please click here to share this image on Facebook or forward this email to your friends and family so everyone can know that Rehtaeh will have justice.
Thank you for standing with Rehtaeh and making sure she did not die in vain,
Sherri Bain,
A friend of the Parson's family
Halifax, Nova Scotia
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