The first part of The Collective Evolution is aimed at showing the current state of the world, why it needs to be changed, and how each and every one of us can play a role in changing it.
The documentary addresses this need for change through five individual yet interrelated structures society has come to rely upon – finance, education, religion, entertainment/media, and health/food.
Each of these structures is fully broken down to show viewers how they have come into place, and why their continued existence can no longer be supported.
The second part is focused on showing each of the dimensions to the experience we call life. The documentary does this by addressing exactly who we all are, and why we are here.
It further delves into each of the key pieces that make up the human puzzle, namely the planet, the body, and the ego. The documentary concludes by addressing the shift in consciousness that has already begun and continues to intensify on the planet.
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