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Thursday, June 20, 2013

48 HOURS ONLY: Emergency Appeal to Save Syrian Children

unicef canada
Please donateI am standing here at the Domiz Refugee Camp in Northern Iraq surrounded by Syrian children and families.
One thing is very clear to me – the children of Syria need your help – now.
They have been killed, maimed and orphaned. Now, those still alive are struggling to survive without the most basic of necessities – safe, clean drinking water. 45,000 children and their families at the Domiz camp are vulnerable, especially with deadly diseases like diarrhoea on the rise.
In just the past few months, humanitarian needs have doubled. Making the situation even worse, UNICEF is running out of funds – funds that will mean the difference between life and death for many of Syria's children.
These children need help, and they need it now.
So for the next two days – UNICEF Canada is launching a 48-hour EMERGENCY appeal to turn the tide.
If there were ever a time to give – it's NOW. The children of Syria desperately need you.
100% of your gift is tax-deductible. Every gift will go towards UNICEF's relief efforts for Syrian refugees.
An entire generation of children is at risk.
The physical, mental and emotional trauma these children have endured is exacting a terrible and long-term price. This kind of stress during a child's early years can permanently stunt his or her development.
Here's how you can help, right now:
$50 can provide enough water purification tablets so a family of four can have clean water for over eight months
$105 can buy an emergency relief pack containing essentials like a first aid kit, water sanitation kits, high energy biscuits and therapeutic food – all critical for saving a young child’s life
$168 can buy emergency water containers, water purification tablets and soap – enough to provide 12 families with basic clean water and sanitation supplies
For the next two days – DONATE. Let this be a turning point for Syria's children.
Syria's children want to live. They want to grow up. I see that in the camps here in Iraq. When we arrived, despite living through months and years of unimaginable misery, they greeted us like children do – running to us. They asked if they can go to school soon.
Please help them live.
PLEASE GIVE – and help provide desperately needed safe, clean water. Every single donation will go to support relief efforts in Syria.
With gratitude,
David Morley
David Morley
President & CEO
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