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Thursday, June 13, 2013

Air Canada: If you bump passengers, you should compensate them fairly!

By Jeremy C.
Unlike it's competitor West Jet, Air Canada 

oversells its flights, bumping travellers and forcing 

them to wait for hours for the next flight. Worst of 

all, Air Canada passengers who get bumped from 

domestic flights are only compensated up to $100. 

This is insultingly low compared to what airline 

passengers in the US and EU receive.

In the United States, passengers are 

compensated up to $1300 depending on the 

length of the delay and cost of the ticket. In the 

EU, passengers are compensated up to 600 euros!

The great news is, last week, thanks to a complaint 

made by passenger advocate Gabor Lukacs, the 

Canadian Transportation Agency ruled that 

Air Canada's current $100 compensation is too 

low, and suggested that Air Canada adopt a model 

like that in the U.S.

The bad news is there is no guarantee that Air 

Canada will accept these recommendations. Air 

Canada has 30 days to respond to the CTA ruling.  

If we don't speak up they will likely respond by 

giving reasons why they shouldn't have to pay 

more than $100.00.  But if thousands of us speak 

up and let Air Canada know we, their 

customers, demand fair compensation, they'll 

be forced to act accordingly.

We have until June 26th. Sign my petition and let 

Air Canada know that if they're going to overbook, 

bump passengers from flights and make them wait, 

they had better compensate passengers fairly like 

airlines do in the US and EU.

For your interest, West Jet, Air Canada's main 

Canadian competitor, has a policy of NEVER 

overbooking flights.

***** If you're an Air Canada customer, or if 

you've been bumped from a flight, please leave a 

comment explaining what happened to you.*****
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