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Thursday, June 20, 2013

BC teachers disciplined for duct-taping mouths, sex and gross stories

VANCOUVER -- A Vancouver teacher is being reprimanded for having chatty students' mouths duct-taped as a punishment for talking in class.
Sir Winston Churchill teacher Margo Anne Fowler's actions were detailed in a BC Teacher Regulation decision published on Tuesday.
One Grade 8 student was given an ultimatum of going to the office or having his mouth taped. A photo of that ended up being posted on Facebook and it was revealed he was duct-taped for up to 20 minutes.
The other two incidents, involving a Grade 8 and a Grade 10 student, were similar cases of kids chatting in class and then having their mouths taped.
Two other teachers were disciplined in the new decisions.
Prince George, BC, teacher Roderick Lyle Sauve is banned from teaching minors after he admitted to having a sexual relationship with a 14-year-old student over 17 months beginning in 1981.
In a separate decision, Langley, B.C., teacher Robert Lee Davies agreed not to teach again after the teaching commission found he told his students a story about the sexual abuse of a First Nations female by the police, a story about drinking and driving, and another one about masturbation.
He also allowed students to tell their own stories that included profanity or tales of their drunken parents, and attempted to "undermine" the school district's investigation, the commissioner found.
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