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Friday, June 21, 2013

Cops gets the suspected robber who ended up stoned in a tree in Ontario

BRANTFORD, Ont. — A suspected robber running from the cops needed saving after he got stoned almost out of his tree.
Police found the man suspected of holding up a pharmacy trying to hide in a tree in a neighbourhood in Brantford, Ont.
While a crisis negotiator tried to talk him down from his 40-foot perch, police said it appeared the suspect decided to scarf down some of his ill-gotten pharmaceuticals.
After a while, the man passed out. Luckily, his foot became wedged in the branches and he dangled upside down, police said.
It took three officers on a fire department ladder to bring the suspect safely down to earth.
The 26-year old man was taken by ambulance to hospital, and has since been charged with robbery, use of imitation weapon and disguise with intent.
Another 27-year-old suspect faces the same charges in the pharmacy robbery. A 48-year-old Brantford woman was also charged with robbery.
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