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Thursday, June 20, 2013

Daycare owner accused of drugging children

An Ohio daycare operator is facing charges of child endangerment after allegedly feeding children in her care pancakes spiked with medications that cause drowsiness.tammy
Tammy Eppley, 37, is accused of crushing up Benadryl and melatonin and mixing it into the food of the six children she looks after at her home daycare, Caterpillar Clubhouse, reports NBC4 in Columbus, Ohio.
One of those kids is her two-year-old.
None of the children were hurt or became ill, according to the report, but the drugs could have interacted with other medications the kids take, or with health conditions they have.
A detective told NBC4 Eppley said she'd received permission from parents to give the children over-the-counter medications, but the parents deny the claim.
A friend called police after Eppley sent text messages saying things like "Yeah, I just gave them their nappy time medicine," Lt. Paul Scowden said.
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