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Sunday, June 30, 2013

Intel leaks are already threatening lives of Americans

Chemical release at Intel complex in Arizona sends 11 to hospitals

(CNN) -- A chemical release at the Intel complex in Chandler, Arizona, on Saturday sent 11 people to local hospitals, where they were reported in stable condition, said fire department spokesman Tom Dwiggins.
Forty-three people suffered breathing difficulties and skin and eye irritation, but only 11 were taken to medical centers, he said.
The leak began at 6:30 a.m. Saturday but was capped, Dwiggins said later Saturday morning.
The cause is under investigation, he said.
One building was evacuated at the Intel complex, but a small neighborhood east of the site had good air quality and wasn't evacuated, he said.
Intel is the largest employer in Chandler, and the complex, called Intel Arizona, consists of two large campus and several small office buildings, according to Intel's website.
The Intel campuses, which began operations in 1980, manufacture "the Intel Pentium processor family of products" and house research, development, design and validation labs, Intel says.
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