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Friday, June 21, 2013

Iranian man who gets 8 years who fired at pursuing cops will be deported after time served

An Iranian man who fired on a pair of pursuing police got eight years Thursday from a judge who said she had to send a message protecting officers who face danger when others flee.
“Police officers play a critical role in our society,” Judge Heidi Polowin told Bahroz Manafi, who will be kicked out of Canada when his sentence is up.
“They put their lives on the line every day while executing their duties to protect the public.”
Manafi, 24, was ordered deported days after the Aug. 20, 2010 shooting which led to convictions on charges including discharging a firearm with intent to evade police and possessing a prohibited firearm.
Constables Gavin Morris and Steven Mathieu spotted Manafi drinking from a mickey atop a parked car near Heatherington Rd., an area the judge said is known to police for gang and drug activity.
Manafi, on probation and banned from drinking and having weapons, ran down an alley and threw garbage cans in the officers’ path.
Then, “recklessly” and for his “own selfish needs,” he raised his arm and fired on the officers, who heard a “firecracker,” in a residential area.
“Thankfully the police officers were not physically injured but there is no doubt this shooting incident has had a profound effect on them,” Polowin said.
Manafi then threw again the gun — which had “stove piped” and could not fire a second round — where anyone, even children, could have found it, she said.
Polowin had rejected Manafi’s claim the gun discharged accidentally when he flung it away but acquitted him of attempted murder, finding intent to kill couldn’t be proven.
Manafi, who was “immersed in a criminal world” and linked to gang members, claimed that he armed himself with an illegal gun for protection.
“I had a lot of enemies,” he told a probation officer, although he now claims to have become a “changed person” and embraced his faith behind bars.
Manafi’s mother cried as her son was sentenced.
She and her husband quickly found work when they arrived in Canada when he was 10 but he became “defiant and aggressive” in his early teens.
He was ordered deported based on previous convictions for violent crimes including assault with a weapon.
He’ll be deported when he completes his sentence, which is minus credit for time he’s spent behind bars since the shooting.
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