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Friday, June 28, 2013

Kids today, with their Facebooks, Laptops, and their selling off their kidneys to pay for video games

Teen sells kidney to pay video game debts

An 18-year-old in China has reportedly sold one of his kidneys to settle a $3,255 debt he incurred from buying (very) excessive amounts of video games. After racking up serious debts with his over-zealous computer game shopping, the teen – named Zhang – took the natural, level headed, logical step of harvesting his body for cash, managing to raise $6,510.
We’ve all felt the pinch before, or really wanted something we couldn’t afford and had to make sacrifices, but never once have I considered selling a part of my body. Call me uncommitted, but I’ve never walked past the newest Tomb Raider game and thought ‘I’m £40 quid short, actually my kidneys been bothering me for a while now, I might just sell it and get rid of the hassle’. Anyone who is in the red and turns to selling a body part has a bigger problem than gaming addiction. Zhang was in such a rush he also got short changed by around $40,000, as the going rate for a kidney is $47, 000, apparently.
Just as they did in 2011, when another teen sold their kidney on the black market for an odd reason (to buy an iPhone), China are blaming the West and gaming culture for this incident of kidney-gate. Accusations that seem about as reliable as as dodgy takeaway.
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