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Thursday, June 20, 2013

One Of The Jail Guards Would Rather Quit Her Job At Montreal Jail than break up with her bad-boy beau

Two Montreal guards sanctioned for relations with inmates

MONTREAL - Two female guards at a sprawling north-end Montreal jail were caught in romantic relationships with inmates, and one quit rather than break up with her bad-boy beau.
Earlier this month, a guard at Bordeaux jail was caught in a parking lot, kissing a man who had just been released, QMI Agency has learned.
A colleague reported the woman to a supervisor and the guard was suspended amid an internal investigation.
The guard later marched into the warden's office, handed in her uniform and resigned.
Outside the building, her ex-con boyfriend was waiting in a car, and the two drove off.
A second Bordeaux guard is in hot water after a cell search revealed that an inmate had her phone number in his address book.
Data shows that two Quebec jail guards have been fired and four have been suspended since 2010 for trysts with inmates.
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