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Friday, June 21, 2013

Qubec Provincial Police Investigate baby Found in the Sewer

MONTREAL - Municipal employees north of Montreal made a shocking discovery Thursday when the body of a tiny baby, possibly a fetus, was found in a solid-waste tank.
Police said Friday that they believe the body was flushed down the toilet, and investigators are looking for the mother.
While detectives want the woman to be treated, there's also the possibility that criminal charges could be laid depending on the age of the baby.
Investigators who arrived at the treatment plant weren't able to determine the age of the body.
Provincial police Sgt. Gino Pare says the results of an autopsy will be used to determine if charges will be laid.
"We have to see among other things, if (the child) was viable or not," he said. "For now, what's important for now is mainly to find the mother to give her help. She's really someone who needs help."
Three city employees were working in the treatment plant Thursday morning in St-Lin-Laurentides, QC, 45 minutes north of Montreal.
Pare said the body was found in a settling basin, which is the final destination for solid waste from the local sewer system.
"It passed through the sewers, he passed through the pipes, the toilet," Pare said. "It arrived from the toilet to a water treatment plant."
"(Employees) were shocked, they were surprised, they were floored by this, obviously. They stopped their work right away and called the police."
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