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Monday, June 10, 2013

Stop senators and MPs fraud spending

It's not just a few senators, politicians across Canada are spending your money dishonestly, wastefully, and for themselves and their political parties!! But with your help NOW they can be stopped!
Senators are resisting a proposal to have the Auditor General audit their spending, as are MPs (don't be fooled by the weak measures proposed by the Trudeau Liberals -- all the federal parties are trying to keep the Auditor General away)!
Join the nation-wide call to stop fraud politician and government spending by sending your letter to key politicians across the country HERE.
Please share this campaign with everyone you know!  The more Canadians who send a message, the more change we will get!
You've heard the latest about politicians wasting your tax money:
  • Senators saying they live far from Ottawa to claim tens of thousands of your tax dollars;
  • Senators filing bogus expense claims (sometimes when they're on vacation!);
  • The Prime Minister's Chief of Staff paying a senator to help keep false expense claims secret;
  • Laval, a city in Quebec, having to turn over financial operations to the province over corruption;
  • City councillors using tax money to pay staff for personal side-projects;
  • Ridiculous government advertisements that tell you nothing about what the government is actually doing!
Many politicians have been caught lying about spending billions of dollars, hiding spending, misspending or just plain wasting your money, including spending your money on themselves, their family and friends, or to help their political party.  This is only the tip of the iceberg!
Audits by the Auditor General in England, B.C., Newfoundland and Labrador, and Nova Scotia found politicians committing fraud, and some have been forced to resign, charged, and found guilty of the crime of abusing their access to taxpayers’ money.
Right now, across Canada committees of politicians usually examine how other politicians (their friends and colleagues) spend your money for their offices and activities – this is a recipe for corruption and waste!
We need immediate and regular audits of all politicians by watchdogs with TEETH.
The federal Parliamentary Budget Officer (PBO) needs to be made fully independent, must be given the power to ensure honest government spending, and must be required to examine all major spending every year -- and every other government in Canada needs a PBO because right now no province or territory has a PBO.
While there is an Auditor General for every government in Canada, they don't have key powers, and resources, needed to ensure your money is spent wisely, and efficiently (including on government advertising).
Stop them from lying to you about how they are spending your money, from wasting your money, and from using your money to pay their personal or political party costs!  Please send your letter now.
And please help Democracy Watch keep this campaign alive until the loopholes are closed, and regular audits and high penalties are required to stop fraud spending by politicians across Canada – please donate now here.
Thank you very much!

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