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Friday, June 21, 2013

Teen beaten by cops in Quebec, caught on video, sues for $2.3M

SHOCKING VIDEO - Quebec teen allegedly beaten by cops, caught on video, sues for $2.3M

TROIS-RIVIERES, Que. - A teenager who was allegedly beaten by four police officers while it was captured on video is suing the city and the officers for $2.3 million.
Surveillance video shows officers kicking and punching Alexis Vadeboncoeur in a pharmacy parking lot in Trois-Rivieres, Que., on Feb. 3.
Vadeboncoeur, 19, accuses police of failing to provide medical attention during his 20 days in jail. He says he suffered sore ribs, jaw, wrists, and ankles.
Vadeboncoeur also complained of swollen testicles after he said an officer kicked him repeatedly in the groin.
His lawsuit also claims psychological consequences including phobias, panic attacks and nightmares.
"It's ... bodily injury, moral damages, punitive and exemplary damages as well as damages for violation of human dignity," said defence lawyer Rene Duval.
The four officers face criminal charges in the beating.
They have been suspended without pay.
Trois-Rivieres is about halfway between Montreal and Quebec City.
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