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Friday, June 21, 2013

The "Landlords from Hell" plead guilty to felony charges in San Francisco

Nicole Macy, left, and Kip Macy
 / San Francisco Police Dept. via CBS San Francisco

husband and wife accused of 

repeatedly threatening and 

harassing their tenants in a San 

Francisco apartment building in 

2006, have pleaded guilty to multiple 

felony charges, prosecutors said

 Wednesday, according to CBS San Francisco.
Nicole Macy, 37, and Kip Macy, 38, sometimes referred to as "the landlords from hell," were charged with two felony counts of residential burglary, one felony count of stalking and one felony count of attempted grand theft. They each face up to four years and four months in prison when they are sentenced on August 22, the station reports.
Nicole Macy is accused of repeatedly sending fraudulent e-mails in an effort to evict tenants who lived in a six-unit apartment building she owned with her husband. In one instance, she sent a fraudulent e-mail to one of her attorneys, pretending to be a tenant, and threatened to kidnap and dismember the attorney's children, prosecutors said.
Macy and her husband are also accused of using a power saw to cut holes in the living room floor of one of their tenants. Prosecutors say they also cut sections out of the joists below the victim's floor in an apparent attempt to make the floor collapse.
Furthermore, the couple is accused of burglarizing tenants' units and soaking their beds, clothes and electronics in ammonia. The station reports prosecutors say the couple also threatened to shoot a building manager who was working for them.
Assistant District Attorney Kelly Burke said the Macys' actions were in an effort to evict the tenants in order to renovate the apartments and sell the building.
Nicole and Kip Macy were charged in 2008 and indicted by a criminal grand jury in 2009 after an investigation by the district attorney's office. The couple reportedly failed to appear for their trial in June 2010 and instead fled the country.
They were eventually taken into custody in Milan, Italy in May 2012 with assistance of the U.S. Diplomatic Security Service, the station reports. After initially fighting extradition, they were transported back to San Francisco in May and agreed this week to plead guilty, prosecutors reportedly said.
The apartment building is reportedly no longer owned by the couple.
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