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Friday, June 28, 2013

Things to know while on holiday in Turkey: Don't kiss the local girls

Stripped and stabbed 17 times... for kissing a local girl

Teenage British tourist fights for his life in Turkey

British tourist stabbed in Turkey
Held ... cops haul in one of the suspects, Ismail A

A BRITISH teen on holiday was stripped naked and knifed 17 

times for kissing a local girl in a Turkish bar.

Dwayne Ward, 17, was last night in intensive care in Marmaris 

after being “tortured” with wounds to his throat, chest, groin, legs 

and back.
Marmaris beach
Lure ... Marmaris beach is popular with tourists
Two locals, 24 and 26, have been arrested.

Dwayne was able to tell medics tending his naked and bloodied 

body how he had been savagely attacked.
British holidaymaker Dwayne Ward attacked Turkey
Held ... Attilay Dincer, 26
The holidaymaker had been found dumped in a small public garden 

hours after the knife and razor-blade attack.

Darren Ward Marmaris
Hospital wait ... Dwayne's brother, Darren
A police report 

revealed Dwayne 

said: “I was having

 fun while I was out and I kissed a

 Turkish girl at the 

bar I was in.

“I went to another 

bar and that was

 when they hit me in

 the head with a hard 


He then added: “I 

don’t remember the 


Dwayne, from 

Middlesbrough, is 

thought to have been 

drinking with his 

brother Darren, 32, before they became separated.

CCTV footage shows him being grabbed by the arms and bundled

 down an alley by at least two men in the early hours of Tuesday.

He was found at 7.30am, his clothes ripped from him as he was cut 

17 times in the throat, chest, groin, legs and back.

Fellow holidaymaker Sarah Jessop, 44, from Somerset, said: “They 

tortured that poor boy virtually to death.”

Last night Dwayne was in intensive care, where he was said to have 

undergone a number of life-saving operations.

Dwayne, Darren and mum Doris, 51, had been in Marmaris only a 

couple of days.

Speaking from the Ali Baba Hotel, Doris said: “Dwayne’s facing 

another operation.

“His dad’s flying out from the UK to be with him.”
Brit tortured in Marmaris
Holiday stabbing ... Marmaris, on the Turkish Riviera
A hunt involving 270 officers had last night led to two arrests. One 

suspect is car cleaner Attilay Dincer, 26. The other is a 24-year-old 

named only as Ismail A.

Britain’s Foreign and Commonwealth Office said it was supporting 

the family.

UK men drown in Turkey

TWO British holidaymakers have drowned within hours of each 

other while swimming off the Turkish coast.

Anthony Gissing, 55, and Martin Webb, 69, died in separate 

incidents less than three miles apart after getting into trouble. Both 

had to be pulled from the water by lifeguards.

Mr Gissing was seen floating lifelessly near Fethiye, while Mr 

Webb was at the nearby resort of Oludeniz.

Local police were not treating either death as suspicious. A Foreign 

Office spokesman confirmed both deaths and said consular 

assistance was being provided to the families.

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