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Thursday, June 27, 2013

This man goes from being a juror to inmate, you can tell he really knows something about the law

Brevard County juror stole phone, money from courthouse

Fla. —
Brevard County man asked to serve on a jury ended up behind bars the next day.

Investigators say juror Kyle Powell was behind thefts at the Brevard Countycourthouse.

In just one day, Powell went from juror to inmate at theBrevard County jail.

"For someone to violate that trust and to violate that position of trust that we had in them, it's just, it's outrageous," said Phil Archer, 18th Circuit state attorney.

According to an incident report, Powell sneaked into two offices in the state witness center while on a break.

Deputies said he stole an iPhone from one office and more than $200 in cash from another.

One of the victims of the theft, when she got out of a meeting immediately following the proceedings, noticed that her cellphone was missing.

The suspect did not realize the cellphone he stole had a GPS tracking devic, which led deputies straight to his house.

When investigators interviewed Powell, they said he admitted to stealing the cellphone and cash.

Investigators said Powell also confessed to spending the money on dinner and marijuana.

We wanted to know if this incident would affect the grand jury proceedings.

The state attorney's office said it's researching and trying to find out if they need to convene a second grand jury, but they said they have a solid case.
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