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Thursday, June 20, 2013

To be fair, God never specifically said "Thou shalt not use My words to set a motorized vehicle on fire"

Burglar Uses Bible To Set Car Ablaze

WEST KENDALL (CBS4) – Surveillance cameras captured a burglar using a bible to set a car on fire in West Kendall.
“I have nightmares about all this and thinking that it could have been worse,” said the owner of the car Maria Rodriguez.
The incident happened in the Encore neighborhood near Southwest 147th avenue and 88th Street at 2:30 am June 13, 2013.
The surveillance video shows a man casing the area, checking car doors until he finds one that is unlocked.
The burglar gets into an Acura SUV and uses a lighter to search for valuables.
After a few minutes the man takes a bible from inside the car and sets it on fire.
“I cant comprehend how somebody could do something like that and have no care in the world as to the lives that he can be putting in jeopardy,” said Rodriguez.
“We could have all burned here.”
While the SUV burned, the man tried to break into other vehicles.
He stole a Honda Pilot from next door which was later found by police ditched near the Tamiami Airport June 18.
Police are still looking for the man responsible.
They were able to lift prints from the cars so if he’s in their computer system they’ll likely be able track him down.
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