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Wednesday, June 05, 2013

World Bank Insider Blows the Whistle of Corruption, Federal Reserve

Now that I have your attention. How about some info on something that really matters to you personally and every human being globally ?
         This  is going on and has been going on for decades and is almost never spoken about by the media or other government functionaries.
          You are being "Globalized" and this country is being financially destroyed intentionally. The above article describes the agenda very clearly.
          Make note of the mention of Professor Carroll Quigley, who served as Co-President Bill and Hillary Clinton’s financial mentor and wrote a "how to" book on how to let the corrupt bankers get all the squares on the Global Monopoly board and have us pay the rent on their Park Place mansions.  
         My guess is that if the author/whistle blower from The World Bank begins to have any success or get any traction in exposing global corruption her life will come to a halt from a tragic accident. I would not fly with her any more than I would travel with a Kennedy. She seems confident in The Truth eventually prevailing but I don't share her optimism or won't (like her) likely live long enough to see it happen.
         I would still like to hear an explanation from the mainstream media outlets or DC as to why TV broadcasters pay nothing for their FCC licenses while reaping billions in profits. GE owns Fox News and not only pays no income tax they get a multi billiondollar refund every year. Your tax dollars and by extension-"sequestration" your Social Security money.
          The sad truth is that about 90% of US citizens who read this article (none of whom would read it all) wouldn't have the vaguest understanding of what it is about or care to know. Sadly they prefer a comfortable lie to an inconvenient truth.
          There is a lot to be learned from the info contained herein. The manipulation of the gold supply is interesting
since it is happening today (gold lost about $300 in a month for no apparent reason,defying the laws of supply and demand), and govt confiscation (again) of privately owned physical gold seems distinctly possible.
           Take care. Have fun while you still don't need a permit for it.
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