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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Write NOW for Duffy-PMO of Canada inquiry, and democracy

The Senator Mike Duffy scandal that was revealed mid-May involves only a few people in Prime Minister Harper’s office – if investigators don’t announce their findings very soon it will be a sign that illegal activities are being covered up!
Please help push for strict and strong enforcement of federal ethics, spending and election laws -- CLICK HERE TO SEND YOUR LETTER NOW calling for a full public inquiry if investigators delay or cover up any evidence of wrongdoing in the Duffy-PMO affair!
PLEASE NOTE: Democracy Watch is proud to partner with Leadnow on this call for a public inquiry – all together we can make a difference!
PLEASE SHARE THIS ALERT ON TO EVERYONE YOU KNOW, Share it onFacebook, and retweet it on Twitter.  Thank you so much for helping spread the word.
Why would Nigel Wright, the Prime Minister’s Chief of Staff, risk his reputation and career by secretly giving Senator Mike Duffy a cheque for $90,000?
Why would a Senate Committee run by Conservative Senator Carolyn Stewart-Olsen, previously Prime Minister Harper’s spokeswoman, whitewash an original report on Duffy’s expenses by editing out incriminating paragraphs?
The question is: what are they trying to cover up?
The RCMP and the Auditor General are investigating, and Elections Canada and the Senate Ethics Officer should be also, as well as the Ethics Commissioner who enforces rules for ministers and their staff.
But the problem is that these so-called watchdogs have all covered up violations in the past.  The evidence in this situation is so clear that they should all be issuing rulings charging and/or finding people guilty by the end of August at the latest.
We need a massive public outcry to demand that the watchdogs issue public rulings very soon, and if they don't to demand that the Conservatives work with opposition parties to establish a truly independent public inquiry.
All together we can make a difference -- please help ensure the Senator Duffy-PMO scandal is investigated properly, and all wrongdoers penalized fully, by sending your letter here!
AND PLEASE DONATE to democracy now
What is the only group in Canada pushing for key changes to require everyone in politics and business to be honest, open, ethical, representative and waste-preventing?

What is the only group in Canada that has been pushing for these key changes for 20 years?
What is the only group that has won more than 110 democracy and corporate responsibility changes to key federal and provincial laws – changes that make governments and businesses more accountable to you?
What is the only group in Canada pushing right now for more key changes to:
  • stop election fraud robocalls;
  • stop Prime Minister Harper from muzzling scientists;
  • stop fraud politician spending;
  • require honesty in politics;
  • ensure effective enforcement of election laws;
  • make governments more open, including ending secret lobbying;
  • stop the influence of big money in politics;
  • ensure banks are lending and investing our money responsibly;
  • protect whistleblowers;
  • require everyone in politics to be ethical, and;
  • to make our voting systems more representative?
If you answered “Democracy Watch” you are right!  But your help is needed now to win these key changes.
Democracy Watch’s campaigns are powered only by donations from individuals and citizen groups, so without your support it will be forced to close its doors and end its winning campaigns for democratic good government and corporate responsibility in Canada.  Democracy Watch’s campaigns have wonmore key changes for you, and reached more people through the media, than any other citizen group in Canada in the past 20 years.
For less than the cost of a cup of coffee a day, only $10-20 a month, you can help clean up and make governments and corporations more accountable to you, and help win the changes needed to make Canada the world’s leading democracy!  – PLEASE DONATE NOW HERE.
Thank you very much!
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