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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

BC Hydro sues man over marijuana grow-op

VANCOUVER - BC Hydro is suing man for what they claim is the "unjust" money he made by allegedly stealing electricity and running a commercial marijuana grow operation.
Robin Manual Mernickle pleaded guilty to one count of drug trafficking in April and was sentenced to eight months jail. He reportedly had 700 plants in the home.
On Monday, the provincial Crown corporation filed suit against him and two other defendants it alleges signed the contract for Hydro to provide electricity to a Sorrento, BC, home.
Hydro claims Mernickle had diverted electricity so the corporation wouldn't be able to measure the grow-op's energy use.
Hydro added the wire tampering resulted in others losing power around the house.
In its claim, Hydro condemns Mernickle's "high-handed conduct, which was actuated by greed and malice."
"Electricity theft, and in particular electricity theft in connection with commercial marijuana growing operations, is a major problem for B.C. Hydro," it says.
The allegations have not been proven in court.
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