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Monday, July 01, 2013

Deputies fired after bad behavior at bar, one gets in a fist fight and loses his handgun, the other has sex in the bathroom

Joshua Maynard, Raymond Strickland: Putnam County cops lose jobs after bar brawl at Hi-Level Liquors

WAWS NewsPALATKA, Fla. - WAWS reports that Putnam County Detectives Joshua Maynard, who is a former Deputy of the Year, and Raymond Strickland have been fired after a night out at a bar called "Hi-Level Liquors."
Larry Adkins, the owner of the bar, explained, "The one deputy got real belligerent with my security personnel."
"We're a good ol boy bar here, you know.  You show your oats a little bit but you don't get aggressive."
It happened June 8th, according to a 60-page internal report. 
It states Maynard engaged in a fist fight during which he lost his handgun. 
It was later turned in to the owner of the establishment.  Security guards swooped in on the scuffle.
The same night, several customers complained that Strickland was having sex in the bathroom with his girlfriend. 
Witnesses claimed Strickland flashed his badge and asked, "Do you know what this is?"
Neither deputy responded to WAWS' attempts to contact them.
Maynard's uncle says his nephew has moved out of the county to return to school.  "He said he made a mistake and he's willing to be a man about it and take whatever punishment comes his way," Maynard's uncle said

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