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Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Flash Back: Was Toronto child placed at greater risk by the C.C.A.S? And Has Anything Really Changed?

Madison Young was found safe but the question remains how did it get to the point of an amber alert? Were Catholic Children's Aid Society workers doing their job? Was little Madision put unnecessarily at risk?
Monday was when the child was last seen by the CCAS. They had received a court order for the child to be placed in their care because the agency believed she was at some type of risk, what risk? we do not know. The mother was contacted to bring the child in and turn the child over to the society.
After Sarah Young, the mother of three-year-old Madison Young failed to turn the child over to the Catholic Children's Aid Society in Toronto, caseworkers from the agency went to the mother's home and discovered the mother and daughter were no where to be found.
Today, several hours after an amber alert was issued, little Madison was found with her mother at a Mississauga hotel, according to CTV. They say the girl was cheerful and unharmed. Later, the girl’s mother arrived through the back door of the 22 Division police station in Toronto. Moments later, an ambulance arrived to transport her to St. Joseph’s Hospital. Police say she has a medical condition, but paramedics have described her as “stable.”
Here is a quote coming from some media outletsThe girl’s disappearance came on the day she was expected to be delivered to the custody of the Catholic Children’s Aid Society following a court order.This is amazing, (I write this in a sarcastic manner) I'm surprised this was not asked today at the press conferences held: how is it that the person that is considered to be a risk to a child receives a phone call and is expected to turn over their child to The Children's Aide to be cared for by them?
Normal procedure by these children 's aide societies would be that the parent/s don't even have a clue that the child is going to be taken from them and placed into care until a court decides the final fate of the child. This is not a normal practice to call the parent/s and give a heads up about the intentions of the agency , especially if the child was at risk.
What do we know about this risk? It must have been serious if an amber alert was issued and a pile of police resources were diverted to look for this child. So I ask why was this mother contacted to bring this child in, when they could have taken the child without advanced notice of their the intentions without giving ample time for the mother to flee with the child.
Given all that we know so far, this is a serious mistake that could have been deadly for this little 3 year old. Giving ample time for a parent believed to be a risk to the child a opportunity to flee, what was someone thinking? This short of action would question the CCAS and their policies.
What was the risk? I ask again. If there was risk to this child - was the girl not placed at at a greater risk by the CCAS by allowing the opportunity for the mother to flee with the child? It must of been serious because why would so many police resources and also the amber alert be used.
I'm not passing any Judgement on this mother, who knows maybe the CCAS didn't really have a case to begin with and they gave the mother pre-advanced warning they were coming - now the mother looks bad because she ran away with the child. Who knows, what I do know is that it's high time that these Children's Aid Societies in Ontario, need to have a public oversight committee to finally be held to account for their decisions
before another child is dead.
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