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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Harper's Tough On Crime Agenda = relaxed 11 months for reapeat wife beater who also assulted 3 seniors

Repeat wife-beater sentenced to 11 months for assaulting ex, three seniors

EDMONTON -- A repeat wife-beater was put behind bars Tuesday for assaulting the mother of his three-month-old son and attacking three seniors who tried to intervene.
David Rene Dion, 34, was sentenced to 11 months in jail, to be followed by 12 months on probation, after pleading guilty to aggravated assault and three counts of assault.
Crown prosecutor Jennifer Danker told court Dion had been under a no-contact order at the time of the Aug. 3 assault, barring him from seeing his former girlfriend, Stephanie Twiss, as a result of a previous assault on her.
However, Dion went to Twiss's northeast Edmonton apartment to visit their infant son, and was told to leave because he was intoxicated, Danker said.
Dion refused to leave and the pair began arguing after Twiss threatened to call police, Danker said. After police were called, Dion assaulted Twiss with multiple punches and kicks.
Two neighbours, 76-year-old Rita Lees and 78-year-old Archie Lees, heard the commotion and went to Twiss's suite to check on her and the baby, Danker said.
After Rita Lees said something to Dion when she saw him standing over Twiss, who had been knocked to the ground, the menacing drunk swore at her.
Court heard Dion then followed the elderly woman to her suite and, after her husband Archie told him to leave the building, he pushed him to the ground.
Another tenant, 65-year-old Monique Myles, went to assist the couple and Dion grabbed her by the arm and pushed her to the ground before leaving, Danker said.
The prosecutor said Twiss suffered a broken arm and multiple cuts and bruises and needed five stitches for a gash to her eyebrow. The three seniors were not injured.
Court heard Dion has a long criminal record with three previous convictions for domestic abuse.
Dion, who suffers from fetal alcohol syndrome, said he can't recall the incident, but admitted being responsible.
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