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Tuesday, July 02, 2013

If you're going to wait for that guy who pissed you off in the strip club so you can follow him and shoot him, make sure you have the right guy. And the right strip club

Jerome Edward Hayes arrested for I-4 shooting that killed Frank Turner

Tampa, Florida -- The Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office says an arrest has been made in connection to the Interstate 4 shooting death from over the weekend.
Investigators arrested 48-year-old Jerome Edward Hayes of St. Cloud, who according to his lawyer, turned himself in voluntarily on Monday morning. 
A gun belonging to Hayes has also reportedly been confiscated, but his lawyer is not sure if it is the one used in the shooting.
During a press conference Monday afternoon, Colonel Donna Lusczynski clarified that this incident did not stem from road rage, but rather a case of mistaken identity, "and being in the wrong place at the wrong time." 
On Saturday, 47-year-old Fred William Turner, Jr. called 911 to report someone was following him in the area of 50th and Columbus.
Colonel Lusczynski explained the shooter had just left 6222 Adamo Dr., the address of the Tampa Gold Club-"Tampa's Premier Topless Gentlemen's Club"- and was following the victim, who had just left the neighboring Tres Equis Adult Theatre, Store and Arcade.
While on the phone with dispatchers, Turner said he was getting on the interstate heading toward Orlando, and the car following him pulled up beside him, and someone inside displayed what appeared to be a semi-automatic weapon. Turner also told police he had done nothing to cause someone to follow him.
The dispatcher then heard multiple gunshots, and according to witnesses,Turner immediately pulled over to the side of the road. Deputies found him dead in his car, with no suspect in sight.
It turns out Hayes and a friend of his got into an altercation with someone while at The Gold Club that day, waited outside for that person to leave, and then followed Turner as he left Tres Equis- thinking he was the man from their fight. 
Turner was not ever engaged in the disagreement, and according to Colonel Lusczynski, he lost his life over a misunderstanding. 
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