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Friday, July 26, 2013

Juror B29 from Zimmerman trial says Zimmerman 'got away with murder'

BY StacyCarey
The George Zimmerman trial over Trayvon Martin's death may be over, but people are still talking about it. Good Morning Americatalked with Juror B29 on their show Thursday, and people will definitely be interested to hear what she had to say. This juror was the only jury member who is also a minority, and she is the first to show her face and share her first name, Maddy. In Maddy's words, Zimmerman “got away with murder,” but the law prevented them from finding him guilty of the charges presented.
Juror B37 had talked with Anderson Cooper and revealed that one of the six jury members had initially wanted to find the defendant guilty of second-degree murder. It turns out that jury member was Maddy, Juror B29. During her chat with Robin Roberts onGood Morning America, she said, “in our hearts we felt he was guilty.” However, she said that a detailed read through the applicable Florida laws left them no choice but to go with a verdict of not guilty.
Maddy said that she “fought to the end” and would have been the one to hang the jury, but eventually she realized they were simply limited by the specifics of the law. She said she felt that if someone kills someone else, they should be charged. However, without proof Zimmerman killed Martin intentionally, they could not go with a guilty verdict. She even said she doesn't think the case ever should have gone to trial.
Juror B29 said she is struggling with feelings that she has let a lot of people down, particularly Martin's parents. Many wondered how the Zimmerman jury felt about their decision, and the words coming from Juror B37 left a bad taste in the mouths of many following the case. In the case of Maddy, however, even those upset about the Zimmerman verdict have to give her words careful consideration and understanding.
Maddy said she is struggling to eat and sleep, and she feels she is carrying Trayvon on her back. She said, “As much as we were trying to find this man guilty,” the letter of the laws in Florida simply left them no choice but to acquit. Will any of the other four women from the Zimmerman trial speak up? So far everybody else has stayed away from the media.
Juror B37 initially pursued a book deal and did a two-part interview with Anderson Cooper, leading to outrage among many following the case. Four of the jury members even released a statement saying that she did not represent them or their views. Maddy's interview, most would agree, seemed like an entirely different discussion and does provide some answers and solace to those angry about what transpired.
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