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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

She takes term 'busted' to heart

Woman Robs Store and then Runs Away Topless with a Handful of Diapers

“Her b*****s were swinging as she ran to her car!”  Those are hardly the words you expect to hear from someone describing a woman running away from the scene of a crime.  But that’s what people are saying in Pennsylvania after a topless woman robbed a store and ran away.  Maybe if you decide to shoplift, you should do so with your clothes on; we’re just saying.
What’s really sad is that the woman was stealing diapers.  Let’s hope that the baby doesn’t grow up and see this video of his mother behaving this way.  What’s happened to parenting anyway?  This kind of thing is just crazy.
Upper Darby, PA — A woman who was being held for shoplifting at an Upper Darby Pathmark busted out of the security office and ran through the store topless after losing her shirt in a fight with guards, according to police.
Aishana Clayton, 26, was caught stealing a package of Pampers diapers on video, said Upper Darby Police Superintendent Michael Chitwood.
The guard was able to grab hold of Clayton’s shirt, but she wiggled her way out of the garment and ran through the store and into the parking lot topless and fled in her car, police said.
“Her b*****s were swinging as she ran to the car,” Chitwood said. READ MORE
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