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Friday, July 05, 2013

Teen with "very poor impulse control" busted after calling 911 for a cut he suffered kicking out a beauty shop's window to steal $50

OTTAWA -- A 19-year-old man might have got away after kicking out a beauty shop window and stealing $50 from the till last month.
Instead, he was quickly arrested and sentenced to three months behind bars Thursday because he called 911 to get help for the small cut he got on his foot.
Police easily concluded that Alex Lavoie-Poirier's tale of being stabbed by a male acquaintance on the night of June 5 didn't add up.
He'd called for help 15 minutes after an alarm sounded at a Bell's Corners hair salon and was found at an address 400 metres down the street.
The business was ransacked and there was blood near the smashed window.
Lavoie-Poirier was arrested at the hospital where his five-cm wound was treated.
Police later learned he'd given them a fake name and that his teen girlfriend's mom worked at the salon.
Lavoie-Poirier pleaded guilty Thursday to break and enter and public mischief for making the false report and sentenced to 60 days on top of the month he's already spent in jail and 12 months probation.
He was also ordered to submit a DNA sample to the national database.
Defence lawyer Jonathan Boss told the court his client, sporting multiple tattoos, a Mohawk and a broad smile even in the prisoner's box, has "very poor impulse control."
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